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"I cannot stress enough how much of a pleasure it is to work with Katie. Her capacity to understand the emotional needs of a scene is only equalled by her talent in writing a score that is only there to serve and enhance it. Having worked with her on multiple projects, I am constantly reminded of her talent and her versatility in composition, and despite a long lasting collaboration, she never fails to surprise me in the most unexpected of places. Her hard working nature and her almost disconcerting patience makes her always strive for the best compositions up to the very last string, never backing down from a challenge. She is undoubtedly the most talented composer I have worked with, and cannot recommend her enough to anyone looking for music that can tip over a project from good to great."

Aymeric Nicolet - Director, Producer, Writer

"There are not enough superlatives to describe how essential Katie Phillips and her compositional talent have been for me and my business. This year I decided to set up a social media channel for spoken word poetry where I would post videos of the poems I write - largely to be enjoyed by my friends and family. I did not take long, in an online stock music library, before deciding I would greatly prefer these videos to have bespoke original music composed for each of them. I had recently been introduced to Katie as a music graduate and composer and tentatively established contact. As with the beginning of any creative collaboration, I was nervous on the first poem. Nervous that I could end up being delivered music that wasn’t right, for any one of the million reasons in which something creative might not be a good fit. It was after receiving the music Katie composed for that first poem that I realised I need never be nervous in this creative collaboration again.


Katie is a dream to work with. She is enthusiastic about each and every project she takes on, and approaches them in a thoughtful and measured way. It was only the third poem I collaborated with Katie Phillips on, that she composed the music for The Great Realisation, a video that was viewed by 60 million people worldwide; and properly kickstarted the Tomfoolery enterprise. I have no doubt that the music in each of these videos is as important as the words. Katie is able to provide an emotional depth in her work - to the extent of which I know few who can achieve with the same consistency that she can. She is conscientious beyond belief, and in the year of working together that has followed, has been able to produce work that gets better and better as the confidence in her own musical abilities blossoms. She never misses a deadline, is a complete professional and an incomparable creative force. I am so lucky and grateful to be working with her and I hope this continues to be the case for many years to come. "

Tomos Roberts - Probably Tomfoolery Ltd.


"I had the pleasure of working with Katie through an author's recommendation and was thoroughly impressed by her professionalism and creativity.


Despite a rushed schedule due to the nature of the project the music Katie composed was breath-taking and surpassed my expectations given the time limitations. She was very responsive and that communication was great considering how quickly I needed everything arranged. Her music really elevated the audiobook I was producing and it wouldn't be the same listening experience without it.


I hope to work with Katie again on future projects."

Rebecca Fortuin- Senior Audio Editor at HarperCollins Publishers 

"Amazing work, thank you! Katie got just the right style and moods that I was hoping for, and was great to communicate with."

Marc Hendry- Animator 

"Katie was asked to compose some music for a whiteboard animation video I was making to disseminate the results of the Crash 4 trial, a randomised controlled trial into the effectiveness of Tranexamic Acid in cases of severe trauma. She did a wonderful job, I was thrilled with the music it was exactly what we needed. I would recommend Katie to anyone looking for a composer for their videos."

Ian Roberts - Professor of Epidemiology at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

"Katie's enthusiasm made for an enjoyable collaborative partnership when developing and creating the music for my film. Able to take on feedback and implement it in a way that sparked new ideas."

Marcus Parker-Wood- Editor, Director, Writer

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