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Katie regularly composes for Tomfoolery's online content. You can watch their collaborations below:

The Emergen(sea) | Tomfoolery x Ecoalf | World Oceans Day 2022
That ‘Grow Together’ Kind Of Love x Treedom | Day 45 | Tomfoolery
I Actually, Love London | Tomfoolery | Live from Waterloo Bridge | BBC London
The Pile | Tomfoolery X ECOALF (English Subtitles)
The World Awaits | Tomfoolery
The Dancing Dolphins | Tomfoolery x World Animal Protection
The Time Traveller ft. John Barrowman | Tomfoolery | Start by just getting along with your brother
Dear World Leaders | Tomfoolery | Enough briefings. Time for speeches.
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The Spaceman (2023)

Directed by Tomfoolery and Alexander Jeremy

Produced byTomfoolery and Alex Wiseman

Currently in Post-production

Frog's Wrong Home (2023)

Directed by Marc Hendry

Produced by Marc Hendry

Currently in Post-production

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Backseat Daisy_edited.jpg

Backseat Daisy (2022)

Directed by Aymeric Nicolet

Produced by Bruno Känel

Asti Film Festival: Best Picture

Florence Film Awards: Best Super Short

Metropolis Film Festival: Best Micro Film

Screenshot 2021-10-28 at 13.10_edited.jpg

Hindsight's 2020 (2021)

Written & Read by Tomfoolery

Illustrated & Animated by Made Abroad

Anima Film Festival:

Special Jury Mention

The Great Realisation (2020)


Written by Tomos Roberts (Tomfoolery)

With millions of hits across all social media platforms, this thought-provoking poem about the Covid-19 pandemic has touched people all around the world.


It has been featured on TV channels across the world including: ITV's This Morning, NBC's Today and India Today.

Written and performed by Tomos Roberts

Erena...Our Eritrea (2020)

Directed by Ellie Hodgetts and Aymeric Nicolet

Produced by Novalux Productions

Highland Peak Independent Film Festival:

Outstanding Score- Nominee

Outstanding Documentary- Winner

⁣⁣⁣⁣Trí Rivers Film Festival:

Honourable Mention

reading gaol.jpg

Reading Gaol (2019)

Written and directed by Aymeric Nicolet

Reading Gaol has been screened around the world, from The British Museum to Prague's International Indie Film Festival.

Produced by Joe Tapp

European Cinematography Awards (ECA):

Best Student Film- Winner

Best Student Cinematography- Winner


Directed by Kiran Altmann

Melange (2019)

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